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Just a little list to update myself:

Collaboration with lynzii - JAF (Frikey),  Gabaun, a few other things xDD
Collaboration with cock-zero - Doll x Creator (Frerard)

Chapter Stories:

Keep Running: A fanfiction between Party Poison and my Killjoy, Lethal Pixie.
There's nothing I can do but keep running. It keeps me thinking. It keeps me alive. And it keeps me from burying more bodies.


Tommy is contracted to find and kill Adam Lambert, rock star phenomenon who is suspected to be part of the mafia. Problems will ensue once Tommy becomes part of the household.


:bulletred: Gerard explains Mikey dying on the battlefield.

It's Wrong:
:bulletred: Gerard explains how he feels about Mikey.

Unlikely Mates:

:bulletblack:Frank and Gerard are required to be mates in order to make peace with both werewolf colonies. Doesn't mean that either of them like it.

- Frikey
A Cat At My Door:
:bulletred: Frank wakes up to a present at his door. A rather interesting present.

Oneshots that I will eventually get to:
Title: Trust
Prompt and Song: Diamonds on A Landmine by Billy Talent
Pairing: Frerard/ Frikey (Subliminal)
Summary: Well, it's all just a misunderstanding that leads to the end of a relationship.
Projected Finish Date: Jaunuary 16-17, 2012 (It was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I hated how it sounded >  3 > )
For: iJaeli

Title: An Interesting Turn of Events
Prompt: A sleepover gone wrong...or maybe right
Pairing: Fraycest (No preference on Dom/Sub)
Rating: M
Summary: Frank comes to sleep over while Mikey and Gerard's parents aren't home. Mikey and Gerard have something planned for Frankie.
Projected Finish Date: Feb 14, 2012
For: bvbrocks

Title: Surprise
Prompt: Gerard loses a bet with Mikey and has to do something special for Frank; Gerard, cross-dressing, animal bits.
Pairing: Frerard
` Who is Dom - Frank
` Who is Sub - Gerard
Song: Her Name is Alice - Shindown
Rating: T/ most likely M.
Projected Finish Date: Feb 17, 2012
For: DemonAtHeart080

Title: Used and Useless
Prompt: Gerard and Frank have been going out for a while, and Frank finally pressures Gerard into giving him what he "wants" (i.e. the yummy smut) but when he wakes up Frank's gone, and tells his guy friends about "it" betraying Gee.
Pairing: Frerard
Frank Dom
Gerard Sub
Rating: M
Projected Finish Date: February 9, 2012
For: kaymirtas

Title: New Kid
Prompt: New kid in school
Pairing: Andley (Andy/ Ashley BVB)
Dom: Ashley
Sub: Andy
Rating: M
Summary: Ashely is the playboy in school. Andy's the new kid. What can happen?
Projected Finish Date: February 13, 2012
For: cocopoprockz2010

Title: Pretty Please with Cream on Top?
Prompt: Black lace and Whiskey
Pairing: Frerard
Rating: M
Summary: Getting Frank drunk is a very interesting turn of events.
Projected Finish Date: February 21, 2012
For: ravenishappy

Title: Roses Painted With Black Tears
Prompt: Black Roses
Pairing: Frerard, Dom: Frank, Sub: Gerard,
Rating: M
Summary: Black roses are a symbol to Gerard as he visits his lover one last time.
Projected Finish Date: February 15, 2012
For: KobraKidKiljoy

Title: Stereotypes
Prompt: Ray is rich and Bob is poor and Ray is introduced to Bob by Frank and Ray hates poor people,
Pairing:  Rob (Ray x Bob)
Rating: M
Summary: See Prompt
Projected Finish Date: February 21, 2012
For: MistyMayBryar

Title: Where's Your Hope
Prompt: Bars of Hopelessness
Pairing: Frerard (dom:Gerard sub:Frank)
Rating: M
Summary; None as of yet   ^ . ^ ;
Projected Finish Date: Febraruary 20, 2012

Title: Comfort Me
Prompt: Bullying (but like a hurt/comfort thing),
Pairing: Andley  (Dom: Ashley, Sub: Andy)
Rating: T
Song: Knives and Pens by BVB,
Summary: Andy gets bullied at school, and the only one that he can go to is Ashely. But Ashley has other motives as to why he protects him.
Projected Finish Date: January 22, 2012
For: WheresMySecondChance.

Title: Dynamo
Prompt: Dynamo
Pairing: Frerard
Rating: M
Summary: Need to research the prompt. ^_^;
Projected Finish Date: February 15, 2012
For: TheChimnySweep
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